May 2021: Animation has become one of Camera Medicas strongest business fields. Therefor we reinforced our graphics team: for a long time Anita Ortega illustrated and designed in various animation companies – and now as a part of our team.

Anitas strength is her wide portfolio of different graphical styles in her illustrations. Above that her great skills in classic graphical design and animation need to be mentioned. Frame-by-frame animation has been part of her studies.



New video types: Scrollstories & Interactive Documents

March 2020: Explainer videos have conquered the internet for a long time. Since a couple of years, we also successfully produce those animated films. But how can the format evolve? Let’s have a look at interactivity. How can the user supply himself with the right and well portioned information?

We started to develop new interactive video types like scrollstories. Here, we can live up in our multimedia passion – animated explainer, real live videos, audio, photographs… all the heart desires. The interactive document is a subspecies of the same. A PDF (for example an application form) serves as basis. Using interactive buttons will start explainer videos at the desired spot. And, as everyone knows, there is no lack of application forms at our partner the federal agency for labour.

Framework agreement with the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

January 2020: A Christmas present! Camera Medica wins a 2-year framework agreement for filmproduction with the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin. The agreements covers 6 filmtypes like documentations, explainers, imagefilms and scrollstories.

We are looking forward to the cooperation with the research center. Their main fields of work are materials for sustainable energy supply and the operation of the electron storage ring BESSY II.


BA once again: 4-year framework agreement signed with the federal agency for labour


January 2018: After 2.5 years of successful cooperation and more than 50 produced videos our framework contract with the federal agency for the production of explainer videos expired in summer 2017.


In fall a new bidding came up and in December it was for sure: Camera Medica won the tender once more. A nice Christmas gift.

Interactive explainer videos with Camera Medica

Summer 2017: There are a lot of rumors going on about interactive videos. Nevertheless on the internet one can find them rather scarcely. One reason might be the specific way of technical implementation. Also didactical and dramaturgical options seem yet to be explored. These ideas have to be transferred to the minds of producers and clients.

Camera Medica wants to be part of it from the very beginning and has started to produce interactive video. Especially in explainer videos questions of estimation, deposited PDF files or implemented internet links offer a huge range of new possibilities. Don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss options.



Excited about new camera

Our new URSA Mini 4,6K has arrived!


April 2016: It took almost a year after ordering until the US based company Blackmagic Design delivered his promised new camera. Now the device completes our new set of cameras and accessory equipment, that we began gathering by buying 2 Blackmagic Pocket Cinama cams last year.

The URSA Mini is a compact and slimmed down version of a real cinema camera. Its special features are incredible 15 stops of dynamic range,  a solution of 4,6K and a super slow motion feature with 120 frames/s (HD).

Especially in difficult light conditions as in the operation theatre with huge differences in luminous intensity this is a real advantage.

Great! We are fascinated by this kind of picture quality.

Even more Comic!

July 2015: New characters for 2D Animations – Our new catalogue 2015

Toni is the shooting star amongst our former 2D characters that we offered to our customers. Now we distinctly enlarged our portfolio. We proudly introduce bulbous nose, snub nose and model nose in our new catalogue.

We are looking forward to a project with you and one of our main acts.






Comic Charaktere

Unfettered by gimble

DJI Ronin Gimble

DJI Ronin – new device that unfetters

January 2015: This investment has paid off: We enjoy the new DJI Ronin Gimble.

Judder free camera moves without dolly or JIB – that was proven by the first tries in our office. And then the first mission with a customer. Again it turned out to be a tremendous improvement in opportunities. Of course in the beginning it takes a lot longer until the first shot has been recorded.

But it is worth the effort –and the outcome is quite impressive.

Made it!

October 2014: Camera Medica wins bidding of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (BA)

2D animations has been a part of Camera Medicas portfolio for a long time.
Now we are happy to show off our ability for the federal agency for labour. Indeed it is not about medical subjects but we are asked to explain issues mostly in a  humorous manner in the next two years.

We are looking forward to Nürnberg and a good cooperation.

Logo Bundesagentur für Arbeit

“It needs a kick”

Artikel pharma Relations
Interview with Martin Berg MD in „pharma Relations“

March 2014: The current issue of the journal “pharma Relations” examines among other the role of films and videos in patient’s communication.

Martin Berg MD of Camera Medica: “In the past we have produced fewer but longer movies on DVDs. Today there is a demand for more, but shorter clips for the internet.”

While overall more and more films are used in the communication with patients, the trend goes from films with classic cinematic means – therefore real recordings – to animation films.

More information at: