Project: Eghi

Sector: 2D Explainer

Customer: Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Duration: 01:35 minutes

Project: Child Allowance

Sector: 2D Explainer

Customer: Bundesagentur für Arbeit - Familienkasse

Duration: 03:07 minutes

Project: Imagine

Sector: 2D/3D Presentation

Customer: Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

Duration: 03:05 minutes

Project: Nortase - Film 1

Sector: 2D Explainer

Customer: Repha GmbH

Duration: 02:23 minutes

Project: Community Health Nursing

Sector: 2D Explainer

Customer: dbfk

Duration: 02:50 minutes

Project: Angocin

Sector: 2D Explainer

Customer: Repha GmbH

Duration: 02:35 minutes

Project: Data, Research and Consultation

Sector: 2D Explainer

Customer: IAB - Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung

Duration: 03:11 minutes

Project: Human Centric Lighting - Imagefilm

Sector: Live-action film, 3D Animation

Customer: ZVEI

Duration: 10:52 minutes

Project: i-learning - Advertisment

Sector: 2D Animation

Customer: CampusMed

Duration: 00:56 minutes

Project: Patient information - The second voice

Sector: Documentary

Customer: Stiftung Eierstockkrebs

Duration: 23:56 minutes

Project: Web-Infotainment/ Commercials

Sector: 2D Explainer

Customer: Bodymed

Duration: 09:22 minutes

Project: Webspot - Gender&Age

Sector: Motion Design

Customer: ECHO (Europ. Comm. f. Hum. aid & civil protect.)

Duration: 03:52 minutes

Project: Training of specialists "SMART"

Sector: 3D-Animations, Soundbites/OR-video

Customer: Frankenman

Duration: 11:45 minutes

Project: Preventing falls - e-Learning

Sector: Educational video caregivers

Customer: Noordhoff Health

Duration: 04:12 minutes

Project: Liver functions - extract from patient video

Sector: 2D-Animation

Customer: Bayer AG

Duration: 01:30 minutes

Project: Interact. Videotutorial/Training

Sector: Satire/e-learning/ Live-action film

Customer: EnBW

Duration: 07:02 minutes

Project: Training of specialists "Hand Hygiene"

Sector: 2D/3D-Animation/Live-action film

Customer: Fresenius Medical Care

Duration: 09:25 minutes

Project: Patient information "Fighting Malignant Ascites"

Sector: Documentary

Customer: Fresenius Biotech

Duration: 21:47 minutes

Project: Videotutorial/Training "Liver Congress"

Sector: Congressfilm

Customer: Merz Pharma GmbH

Duration: 90:55 minutes

Project: Videotutorial/Training "Noise Control"

Sector: E-learning/Live-action film/puppetry

Customer: EnBW

Duration: 07:30 minutes

Project: Patient information "Pregnancy"

Sector: Live-action film/3D-Animations

Customer: Jenapharm GmbH

Duration: 22:16 minutes